Liz has convinced every place she has worked to give her an organization project. Whether at a clothing store or tech company, her favorite projects are the ones where she can organize organically and create order from chaos. When she looks at a space, she can visualize where things belong - where their "homes" are. 

Most recently, Liz has enjoyed using her "organizational brain" to assist with expansion and development in education, mindfulness, and fitness.

  • Creative space solutions
  • Supplies storage organization
  • Inventory management
  • Work space arrangement and flow
  • Interiors layout and design
  • Plant care (indoor and outdoor: small garden, succulents, air plants)
  • Document archival and filing
  • Labeling, color coding, sorting
  • Client tracking and communication
  • Project research and planning
  • Schedules and timelines for projects and events
  • Event space layout
  • Hospitality and reception
  • House and backstage management for live events
  • VIP and talent liaison management
  • Budget management for project expenses

Recent Projects

See Education: Admin+Curriculum for projects with New Door Ventures Education Program (2015-Present)

See Production: Performing Arts for more projects (2009-Present)

Vedic Path Meditation - Admin & Research Assistant

  • Researched categorized over 50 potential podcasts and began outreach campaign
  • Investigated and streamlined MailChimp client contact strategies
  • Coordinated and house managed workshops, events, talks, and meditation sessions
  • Archived and organized online project documentation


2015 - 2017

Sebastian's Functional Fitness - Admin Assistant & Article Editor

  • Researched, outlined, and fact-checked fitness and nutrition articles based on Sebastian’s article ideas for website blog
  • Maintained individual client attendance tracking
  • Archived website and project documents


Synergy Organic Clothing Company - Retail Associate & Customer Service

  • Specialized in one-on-one customer fittings, styling, and recommendations
  • Organized product inventory

    2013 - 2015

    ODC (Oberlin Dance Collective) Company - Assistant Production Manager & Wardrobe Supervisor

    • Assisted with overhaul and space organization of offsite storage and shop for costume, props, set, and historical archive
    • Scheduling and calendars for rehearsals, fittings, travel, performances
    • Backstage liaison for dancers and dressing room organization
    • Assisted Production Manager with day-to-day communications, projects, and meetings
    • Budget management for costumes and other production expenses

    See Education: Admin+Curriculum for projects with the ODC School (2011-2013)

    Coffee Bar - Bryant Street Location Barista & Customer Service

    • Oversaw overhaul and reorganization of office and staff lounge
    • Mr. Espresso Barista Training, point of sale, drink making, and floor flow

    House of Air - Presidio Location, Opening Year

    • Oversaw design and creation of hand-painted cafe signage
    • Blue Bottle Barista Training, point of sale, drink making, and floor flow

    2010 - 2011

    Automattic - Admin Assistant

    • Overhaul and reorganization of legal documents filing system
    • Assisted with swag organization, labeling, and shipping