Since last fall, I've been experimenting with making lanterns using drawings, paintings, photos, and hand stitching. Below are photos of these projects. One of the first sets of lanterns I made were printed photos of my grandparents who have passed away, and my boyfriend's Grandma who passed away last fall, that I painted with gold, cut shapes into, and stitched into columns. These were just the right size for LED tealights and created an "in memoriam" display.

The largest lantern I've made so far is one I made as a response to a friend's poem that she wrote for her family. The lantern depicts the night sky, and her poem curves across it in gold ink.  

The latest one was an ink drawing I converted into light screen. 

I want to make larger scale light sculptures that could either hang like traditional lanterns or be mounted to the wall. I'm curious about the play between darkness and light, being able to see the images depicted on the lantern, or not.